Florence Roy — The past now: photographic images

Initially published for the Langara Voice, March 3, 2012, in print.
Florence Roy travelled all over the world, from France to Peru to spending four months in Italy. She enjoys all the places she’s has been and can’t think of a single place she would not like to visit.
“Travel is the perfect opportunity for photos,” said Roy photographer and former instructor of political sciences at Langara.

Assissi Rocca Majore (Photo Florence Roy)

Roy will be presenting a lecture and slideshow of photos from her travels as a part of the 58th Community Lecture Series at Langara, which will be her third presentation about her photography.
“There’s a few surprises in there,” said Roy.
This lecture series has been around for over 20 years, and is presented by current and former faculty members who volunteer to speak on various subjects, from history to politics to photo essays like the one Roy is presenting.
Roy and the joy of photography
“I’ve always liked taking pictures,” said Roy.
“You’re not just one dimension, here’s many aspects to who you are,” said Roy, who’s hobby of photography won her third place in a photography contest, which affirmed her passion for her craft.

Hania shipyards (photo Florence Roy)

The past now 
Roy’s lecture “The Past Now: Photographic Images” looks at landmarks and events of the past that Roy has seen and documented in her worldly travels.
She also discusses the state of these locations and events today – whether they are deteriorating ruins or medieval towns.
“There’s a bit of theme . . . I chose photos that I like,” said Roy.
Donkey at Step Pyramid (photo by Florence Roy)
Roy has always enjoyed reading photography books and looks to the work of such artists and Ken Lum and Ronald Graham for inspiration.
Shooting landscapes and revelling in the moment are what Roy enjoys when she captures the action of a photo. In one, Roy shot a picture of a mime shooing away a small heckling boy who had a huge grin on his face for causing the mime to break from his act.

Shrangri-la (photo Florence Roy)

Roy’s lecture will be held at the downtown Vancouver Public Library February 29, and starts and 12 p.m. Admission is free but seating is limited.

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