Housing issues even arise in West Vancouver

In West Vancouver, the stereotype of the rich and famous retirees and trophy wives is a perpetual laugh for those of us who can only dream of such splendor. This, however, isn’t the life of every West Vancouverite.

The high rent in Vancouver plagues all citizens, and West Vancouver is no exception.

Listings aren’t looking likable

On Craigslist, the only suites available in West Vancouver for under $1000 a month are unfurnished or semi-furnished studio suites or rooms for rent within someone’s home.

A furnished studio suite in Dundarave runs about $1300 a month – for less than 500ft2 of space.

A furnished one bedroom in East Vancouver (a highly sought area of residence thanks to all the amenities and culture) can be found for $850.

Park Royal, Canada’s first mall, is a major source of shopping for residents, but also entry-level jobs. Let’s assume you take a job at Swimco, where a shift leader is offered $13-15 an hour. If you work full-time, your take home is somewhere around $1500.

Around town
In an informal survey of Craigslist listings, the average rent for a one bedroom suite in several municipalities was calculated by yours truly. The finds were as follows:

– City of Vancouver – $1200/month

– West Vancouver – $1730/month

– New West $885/month

– Burnaby – $1150/month

Who can help?

While there are several seniors housing projects that can help with subsidizing of rent, for those who are under 55 but can’t make ends meet there isn’t much by way of help.

Harvest Project is a charity designed to help those on the North Shore who are faced with the prospect of eviction or losing their homes. Most of their clientele are single parents, new residents or those with chronic illness or disabilities.

Harvest Project helps by providing coaching, groceries and food help, and a clothing thrift store to help those in need.


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