Series 45 – Bringing arts to kids

As a product of the public school system, and of Vancouver’s public school system, I think the experience I had was a fairly good one. I got to read books, go on field trips, and realize my potential.

West Vancouver School District is, no surprise, also a district where children get to be enriched by arts and culture. With West Vancouver Secondary right next to Kay Meek Centre, it’s obvious a partnership was going to form.

Series 45 is a project between Kay Meek and the district, allowing students in grades 4-7 to watch a series of plays, one each term, at a cost of $20 per student. When I went to see Beauty and the Beast in grade 9, I had to pay $15 for my ticket, and find my own way to the theatre. The district is bussing the kids of West Vancouver in themselves.

“The Kay Meek Theatre is sharing the costs with WVSD, which is why we can offer three performances for only $20 per student, including transportation where needed,” said WVSD media spokesperson Erica Waddell.

The three plays are currently:

  • November – Project Soul
  • February – Red Sky
  • May – The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

“The shows will each be presented 4 to 6 times so they can be offered to as many students as possible over 2000 students will see each show,” said Claude Giroux, Kay Meek’s artistic and managing director.

Each show costs between $3000-$6000 to put together.

Arts performances like this help enrich students and let them enjoy something that isn’t homework for once.


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