BLOG: Stolen Away

My grandpa told me Nova Scotia is where the most normal and regular people live in Canada and that “it’s everyone else that’s messed up.”

It seems no matter how far you travel from home, there’s always someone looking to take advantage of a situation.

For example, at the Blue Beach Fossil Museum, many patrons leave the parking lot to hike down to the beach and spend up to hours combing for fossils – of which I found a few – but leave their vehicles unattended. A prime spot for break-ins.

You see, I brought my computer to take to a cafe later to upload all of my new wonderful pictures from Hantsport – including a recreation of a photo from my mother’s childhood – but alas, someone jimmied the lock on the truck and went through my bag. They rifled through the bag, took the computer and power supply (as well as the memory card reader for my camera) but left everything else. And even locked the door back up again. How thoughtful.

It’s not like this is the first time something bad has happened to me, but apparently even though Microsoft’s OneDrive constantly badgered me about needing to be up to date and connected to keep a backup of everything, it didn’t save anything. Nada. Squat. Zero. Literally 200+Gigs of files and music and even data recovered from my deceased father’s computer. Everything is gone. I cannot find words to sum up my feelings. Apoplectic rage coupled with a quiet sadness I suppose. See, I’m only a few weeks away from leaving Nova Scotia and travelling home and I was really hoping to keep all of the 1000 photos I’d already taken. But no, they are gone. All of my shots from my previous venture from Vancouver to Toronto on the Greyhound last summer, also lost forever. All of my digital possessions taken from me. I’m a child without their blanket. I am a 21-year-old without their computer.

The worst part of it all is that my computer has a lock and therefore, no one can access any of my documents. This means whomever took it will probably give up and try to pawn or just throw away my $500+ investment.

I try not to think about my computer being smashed by hooligans as a (not so) cheap laugh. They couldn’t possibly fathom the hours – YEARS – of work that was stored on those drives.

My heart is heavy with dread as I write this post. I was the first hit of this year at Blue Beach, however the staff said that this wasn’t the first time. I write this from a cheap refurbished laptop I got to be able to book tickets and keep the world updated. This post however, will not have any of my photos of the non-red beach. Those shots that are still on the camera’s CF card will be uploaded once I get over the emotional burden. It’s at the same time, a huge deal and something so small.

The thief left me my wallet. Thanks for that.


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