NEWS BLOG: Keith Bridge, Mountain Highway Updates

It’s happened! The new Keith Bridge’s south lanes are open! All traffic has been diverted to the new section as the old bridge will replaced over the summer.

Four lanes should ease traffic congestion going east-to-west at rush hour, especially since the bridge will link up with Highway 1 around the big Seylynn development.

When I first learned of the bridge being replaced by the District of North Vancouver, I wondered if the four lanes of bridge will be enough. Currently the backup flows up Mountain Highway due to the Keith intersection having only one lane being allowed to turn left – onto the new bridge.

Then I learned the provincial and federal governments are making Mountain Highway’s overpass into a full on $36-million interchange. The preliminary stuff is already done and construction for the interchange is slated to start this summer, lasting til 2018 sometime.

Mountain Highway’s upgrade will be a four ramp expansion, the first of three major projects in the local vicinity. Lillooet Road/Fern Street and Dollarton Highway are also gonna get facelifts in the next 5 years.

At the same time the new Mountain Highway starts construction, the bridge down the hill will also be under (but according to DNV’s initial timeline, nearing) construction. I just love summer. I’m so excited to weave my bike through all that mess and skip the wait.



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