Do you ever wonder what you missed out on? That feeling of being so close to the answer, but not quite? Well, that feeling struck me the other night as I was fiddling around with different lenses than I’m used to.

Right at the end of my photography session, I caught on to something. I dragged the night out past my predetermined and sensible end time. I wanted to keep tweaking and tinkering but I knew I’d be out there til sunrise if I didn’t check myself.

jupiter far 1
This photo happened mostly by accident, which made it all the more stunning.


I was idly snapping from the front lawn – a new space for me – jupiter far starsmore for the enjoyment of Jupiter in the sky above than for actual result. I decided I’d experiment with the lenses I rarely use and see what each had to offer. The Tokina telephoto I’d so long considered just a shelf ornament managed to capture the blue planet beautifully.

It is my hope that in the future, maybe more towards the fall, more close-up encounters with planets and other stellar sights will happen. I like casual photography sessions in any situation, be it up in space or down here on the ground: you’re always able to see more.

In that spirit, I’m off to take the camera for a walk and see what I come across.


I know these shots aren’t that impressive, they’re mostly teasers for later things to come. I swear I do take real photos too!



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