PHOTO BLOG: How much is too much?

I always struggle with how much of a change to make when I edit photos. The possibilities are endless. For example:

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GALLERY: Throwback Thursday: Nova Scotia in Bloom

Here’s a quick reminder of the beauty of this past summer: a Maritime mountain meadow.

PORTFOLIO: Learned it Through the Grapevine

I’m honored to have been published by some great folks over at Rural Delivery.

This past summer I traveled around and found myself spending time in Nova Scotia, as many of my blog posts from that time attest. My farcical misadventures and overall educational experience made for some great times for me, and RD was kind enough to let me share a glimpse.

Rural Delivery publishes 10 magazines a year to subscribers across Atlantic Canada, most of whom live in small rural communities and truly enjoy stories on today’s agriculture industry as well as small-scale at-home living off the land. I’m glad I got to share my experience with their readers.

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TRAVEL BLOG: Edmon-fun Fringe Festival

It wasn’t until shortly after I attended a couple of performances at the Edmonton’s 34th Annual Fringe Festival that I learned about it being the oldest and largest fringe theatre festivity in North America. Looking back, that explains some things.

Like why Whyte Avenue was a madhouse and why I was able to eat a nutella funnel cake on a Tuesday afternoon while watching a man juggle swords before wandering two blocks over to where a comedy show was happening. It also explains why Fiddler on the Roof the following Saturday was amazing!

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BLOG: Back to learning

It is with a heavy sigh that I say the words everyone is sick of hearing: back to school.

I’m no longer in school, and still, the day after Labour Day arrives each year with the sudden harsh realization that the end of summer has truly arrived and the promise of “really buckling down this year.” Even the thought of buckling down makes me cackle in a way that would launch popcorn from my mouth if I were watching stand-up comedy on Netflix.

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TRAVEL BLOG: Toronto is a Wonderland

Toronto is massive. I will start by saying that though this was my third visit, I still haven’t seen much. I don’t like overloading myself with museum after museum, exhibit after exhibit. After a while, I don’t remember where I saw what and I mix up information. I’m just a simple man who loves roller coasters. Which is why I traveled four hours round trip on transit to go to Canada’s Wonderland.

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In two days in Ottawa, I managed to reignite that patriotism that is often inert in us Canadians. I mean that in a positive way. Americans with their pledges of allegiance and intense love of their country are off-putting in a way that Canada’s quiet love for itself cannot compare to.

You see, not only did I have a picnic lunch on Parliament Hill, I also saw the nightly light show. While the content was basic enough – Canada’s road to confederation, mostly – the last projection morphed into the flag of Canada and sure enough, the anthem started. With thousands on their feet singing along, it was hard not to feel something.

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TRAVEL BLOG: Montreal makes an impression

Full disclosure here, my french skills are nonexistent. I can basically read signs and apologize for my lack of knowledge. That being said, almost everyone here speaks some degree of English so I really don’t have a hard time asking for directions on the Metro. Once I figured out how to navigate this metropolis, a couple things became apparent to me.

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TRAVEL BLOG: Potato Edward Island

A trip to the Maritimes just wouldn’t be complete without Prince Edward Island. Other than the touristy Trap of Green Gables, which we didn’t see due to time constraints, poor map reading and the fact that I haven’t actually read the book, the Isle seems pretty nice. It’s a place of little else besides potatoes and soy and fisherman with a strong representation by retirees.

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