BLOG: Finding DataBC + fossils

So I’m seriously watching Friends for the first time (thanks Netflix) and early episodes with Ross working in the museum have some amazing scenes. I just saw Ross show fossils to Phoebe to illustrate the history of evolution and now I find out DataBC has a map of important fossil sites in the province! What a week for preserved matter!

Okay so it’s a niche interest but it’s actually kind of neat to see the map. Mostly I just wanna share the DataBC website so people can know it exists and sift through it to sate their own quirky data needs. Happy digging!




NEWS BLOG: Keith Bridge, Mountain Highway Updates

It’s happened! The new Keith Bridge’s south lanes are open! All traffic has been diverted to the new section as the old bridge will replaced over the summer.

Four lanes should ease traffic congestion going east-to-west at rush hour, especially since the bridge will link up with Highway 1 around the big Seylynn development.

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