TRAVEL BLOG: Toronto is a Wonderland

Toronto is massive. I will start by saying that though this was my third visit, I still haven’t seen much. I don’t like overloading myself with museum after museum, exhibit after exhibit. After a while, I don’t remember where I saw what and I mix up information. I’m just a simple man who loves roller coasters. Which is why I traveled four hours round trip on transit to go to Canada’s Wonderland.

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In two days in Ottawa, I managed to reignite that patriotism that is often inert in us Canadians. I mean that in a positive way. Americans with their pledges of allegiance and intense love of their country are off-putting in a way that Canada’s quiet love for itself cannot compare to.

You see, not only did I have a picnic lunch on Parliament Hill, I also saw the nightly light show. While the content was basic enough – Canada’s road to confederation, mostly – the last projection morphed into the flag of Canada and sure enough, the anthem started. With thousands on their feet singing along, it was hard not to feel something.

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GALLERY: New Faces, New Places

BLOG: (Welcome Back) Changes

It’s been about two years since my last post which lines up with my timeline of breaking my last laptop and purchasing this one. I’m terribly sorry to any and all that were hanging on to the This Week In Photos series. It’s been a quiet few years in terms of portfolio fodder but I’ve been doing some rather important personal growth. Also travelling and working and all that jazz.

Some of the highlights while I’ve been gone include:

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