Craft beer craze

The latest food craze to cross Vancouver isn’t about food at all – it’s about beer. Specifically, fine beer brewed in small batches with care and attention to detail. This style of brewing, called craft or microbrewing, is quickly becoming the want of many in our town and around the world.

“People are starting to take more interest in the food they consume and the alcohol they consume,” says beer lover Chuck Hallett, who writes online about his escapades with Vancouver bars and beers under the pseudonym Barley Mowat.

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Housing issues even arise in West Vancouver

In West Vancouver, the stereotype of the rich and famous retirees and trophy wives is a perpetual laugh for those of us who can only dream of such splendor. This, however, isn’t the life of every West Vancouverite.

The high rent in Vancouver plagues all citizens, and West Vancouver is no exception.

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