Food security and composting – going green is in

Up to 40 per cent of household waste can be composted, including dairy, bones, all food scraps including cooked food, yard trimmings in smaller amounts and even food-soiled paper. According to Metro Vancouver’s website, almost 1/3 of food purchased is wasted in our region.

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BC Ferries drowning in debt

The current system in place for our ferries is flawed, but will a rushed public consultation fix it? If not, what will? Photo credit: BC Ferries

It’s no surprise to anyone that BC Ferries isn’t doing so well financially right now, or at all in recent years. Ridership is down, rates are increasing, and BC Ferries is cutting 98 round trips starting this winter in order to make ends meet.

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Petty crimes in West Van on the rise?

WVPD photo, graph of crime statistics

Maybe it’s just me, but my inbox has been filling with news alerts about the North Shore, and most of them seem to be about thefts or assaults in some way. For example, in the last week or so there’s been stories on a convenience store robbery, an assault on the Second Narrows bridge, a Future Shop robbery using pepper spray, a con artist getting $20,000 in fake bank drafts and the Lamborghini driver who didn’t have insurance.

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Series 45 – Bringing arts to kids

As a product of the public school system, and of Vancouver’s public school system, I think the experience I had was a fairly good one. I got to read books, go on field trips, and realize my potential.

West Vancouver School District is, no surprise, also a district where children get to be enriched by arts and culture. With West Vancouver Secondary right next to Kay Meek Centre, it’s obvious a partnership was going to form.

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